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About Me

My life is guided by adventure. As a result, my curiosity has given me a lot of great stories to tell, but also perspective that keeps me divergent and adaptable in my approach. I am a visual designer because I was nurtured by creativity. My grandmother is an artist that shared her love for visual expression with my siblings and I. I grew up dancing and figure skating, physically expressing myself through music and movement in an aesthetically pleasing way. Now that I design, I bring that creative passion and attention to detail to my work, generating bold, innovative pieces. With a B.A. in Strategic Communications and M.A. in Interactive Media, I use my knowledge of the industry and its progression to create an impact with my work

Content Creation

Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Web Design
Information Design, Typography, Photography, Video

Interface Design

Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Card Sorting
User Research & Personas, Information Architecture

Web Development

Responsive Design, HTML & CSS, Javascript & JQuery, Wordpress PHP

Branding & Strategy

Brand Identity, Content Strategy, Event Planning,
Social Media, Digital Branding,

  • I Am A Travel Junkie
  • And a Storyteller
  • I Love Waffle Fries
  • This Is Jordynn


  • All
  • Interface Design
  • Visual Design
  • Typography
  • Information Design

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